Working with painting or sculpture, I use many mediums to keep the creative artistic spark going.  I find that working on several projects at one time allows me to give each piece a resting period, to study, contemplate the progress. Most of my works are representational, whether a landscape, animal or plant form. I enjoy whimsical art as well. I choose a particular medium for a particular project that expresses the idea to make it strong. I try to create movement, a flow in design, or an emotion.


When planning a stone sculpture, the stone dictates what the piece will be. I am attracted to a stone by its shape and color. Knowing that it took millions of years to create a stone, I try to design the idea that will fit the shape as much as possible without a lot of waste. Often, I leave part of the natural skin of the stone in the finished piece. This adds a reminder to the viewer what the stone actually looked like before carving it.